My work has been honored from coast to coast and points in between.


EGAD and the Internal Communications World

Linda Haskin, wherever you are, I owe you.

In 1992, Linda, the rep for a San Francisco Bay Area printer who I had just given some work to, phoned and offered that if I was seeking new business, I should contact one Richard Aptekar, a communications consultant for Miller Mason & Dickinson, a benefits consulting group located in Palo Alto. Linda had already contacted Richard and said I’d be calling in.

My call to Richard was worth a million, literally. We hooked up and instantly hit it off, planting the seeds that would sprout one of the strongest roots of the EGAD client tree to date and allow myself to evolve and excel with internal communications projects, to the benefit of my clients.

I gained valuable experience from my relationships with Richard and the many others I provided concept, design and production for at Miller Mason & Dickinson, which would ultimately be incorporated into the worldwide Aon family. The referrals didn’t stop at Richard; my work eventually attracted other benefits/internal communications resources, including Mercer in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle, ROC Group in Chicago, the Segal Group in San Francisco, ROI in the Bay Area, and numerous independent consultants dotted throughout the West.

I’ve developed many strong and lasting relationships with these experts in the fields of employee benefits, human resources and internal communications, helping to develop, assist and follow through on a numerous range of projects—whether it’s an employee newsletter for National Semiconductor, an open enrollment campaign for Dreyer’s, an employee stock purchase plan package for Applied Materials, or a summary plan description for 250,000 participants of the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust.

As you’ll see from the numerous testimonials included in the EGAD portfolio, my clients find me to be dependable, imaginative, resourceful and easygoing. I understand the budgetary constraints of clients and provide fiscal flexibility in order to adapt to their needs. And you’ll discover that my experience in creative art direction and design is not limited to the internal communications world, as you’ll see by looking through the general EGAD portfolio.

I look forward to building upon this experience and providing more outstanding creative for new and current clientele alike. Enjoy the site, digest the creativity, assess your needs and give me a call. And we’ll have Linda to thank for it.

Eric Gouldsberry
Owner/Art Director
Eric Gouldsberry Art Direction (EGAD)

Eric Gouldsberry