My work has been honored from coast to coast and points in between.


Let’s cut right to the chase, because chances are you don’t have all day to read up on what Eric Gouldsberry Art Direction (EGAD) is all about.

In a nutshell, EGAD prides itself on the following:

Providing a hi-end balance of creativity, professionalism and communication skills that has received praise from clients, audiences and peers alike

Accomplished graphic design and art direction in the fields of brand identity, web sites, collateral, annual reports, advertising, magazines/newsletters, trade shows, posters and videos, among many other types of projects

Experience with a great many industries both big and small, from hi-tech to no-tech, B2B to consumer direct—with robust niches established in internal communications/employee benefits and public agency work

A relaxed and personable attitude that clients find highly pleasing

Fast, exceptional response to all client requests

Strong adherence to existing visual styles to maintain the client brand—and the ability to create a whole new one, if necessary

Intimate knowledge of the craft, from picas to pixels, from registration marks to responsive code.

A strong connection to the creative community with knowledgeable access to team-building talent including copywriters, production artists, photographers and videographers, printers, translators, illustrators, etc.

Efficient use of the top digital production software, including but not limited to InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Dreamweaver, Audition, QuarkXPress, PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

EGAD can provide one-on-one service or compile a virtual team when the assignment calls for it. The firm’s 30 years of experience will give you confidence of working in a highly creative environment while not handcuffing your budgets with extravagant overhead and administrative costs.

Although based in Silicon Valley, California, EGAD hardly restricts itself to local customers as you’ll see from our client list. EGAD currently has numerous clients throughout the West and beyond, and welcomes the opportunity to create new relationships regardless of location.

If you’re interested in strengthening your message through highly praised, award-winning creative communications, contact EGAD today. You can also follow EGAD by becoming a fan on Facebook, or by networking via LinkedIn.

Eric Gouldsberry
Eric Gouldsberry: The EGAD avatar revealed.

Eric Gouldsberry

Eric lends a photographic hand during a shoot at Santa Clara University. (Image courtesy of Franklin Avery)