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Bushers: Ballplayers Drawn From Left Field

Bushers: Ballplayers Drawn From Left Field
One day, my good friend and This Great Game cohort Ed Attanasio started doodling wild, fictional ballplayers on Post-It notes and stumbled upon a neat little niche in which his drawings sold for thousands at art shows. From there, we decided to leverage the art and bring added life to Ed's characters by giving them names, hometowns and wacky biographies. It all comes together in Bushers, which you can buy here. My contributions consisted of developing a fun yet classy design template to keep Ed's wonderful art front and center, while chipping in with the writing of the hilarious bios.

Eric Gouldsberry Design/Production/Copywriting
Ed Attanasio Illustrations/Copywriting
McFarland Books Publisher